Our Van was customized and built by Wag'n Tails
In this picture, you are looking back toward the rear of the van. The black hose is the high velocity dryer, the white hose is the vacuum.
In this picture you are looking toward the front of the van.
A large 16-gauge stainless steel tub has a raised shelf for small breed dogs. The shelf then lowers to the bottom of the tub to accommodate large breeds.
The hydraulic grooming table raises and lowers for ease of transfering dogs on and off the table and into the tub.
Our table-to-tub walk over ramp provides a safe and secure way to transfer larger dogs into the tub. 
Our fully equipped van features a generator, which means there are no cords that have to be plugged into your house.
The "Equipment Room" is located in the back of the van. Here is where the two fifty gallon water tanks are stored- 1 for fresh water and 1 for the grey water. There is also the shop vac and velocity dryer.
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