Dog-Gone Stylin' provides wonderful service for our dogs. We have three very large Shiloh Shepherds and Alisa has done an amazing job grooming them. In fact, one of the judges at a Rare Breed Dog Show said our Shiloh was groomed to perfection!!!! The youngest of our Shilohs was a bit nervous about the whole process and Alisa was very happy to work with me and the pup in getting him used to being groomed. The dogs love her and I love a house of good smelling dogs that are clean and not shedding very much. I love not having to go someplace and leave my dogs for the days. In fact, I would never have and have never had them professionally groomed because of that. So, Dog-Gone Stylin' is perfect in every way for my canine family. I feel very lucky to have found her. Thanks so much, Alisa, for all the care, gentleness, kindness and great skilled grooming you do. ~ Ellen
Hello! My babies look so beautiful! I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job Alisa did with my dogs. She was professional, personable and very kind to the dogs. We especially love the lion cut she gave our female pom. I will definitely recommend your service. Thank you! ~ Debbie
I had my dog done for the first time last night by Alisa I just wanted to write to say how professional she was. She did a great job and Sam looked AWESOME!. What a complete change. He also has hip displasa and arthritis and she was aware of that and was very gentle with him. Please let her know again, I appreciate her service and will recommend her again, and refer her to friends and family members. Thanks for the service Alisa!
We have used your services on a regular basis for several years now.
If our Mollie could talk, she would tell everyone how well she is gromed by you.
People often comment, "How do you keep a White Dog Clean"?
The answer is to have a Great Professional Person who knows what she is doing take care of the pets Stylin. You are truly the BEST!!! ~Bill
We have been using Dog-Gone Stylin' services from the begining!! My husband and I are so pleased with their promptness, professionalism, and friendliness. Elliott, our soft-coated wheaten terrier loves Alisa!!
~ Regards, Donna

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Alisa grooms our 6 year old boxer, Madison every 2 weeks. When we adopted Madison, and first brought her home, she was covered in fleas.  My fiancé passed the mobile grooming van on the road and called the number on the side.  Alisa immediately came out to our house, bathed Madison free of fleas and advised us how to prevent the problem in our home - we are flea free (with 3 cats, too!)  She has been coming to our house every other week since.  Alisa also helps us with dogs we foster from a local rescue. She will come right out and give these poor, stray dogs a good bath so they are ready to be adopted.  She treats these animals like her own and always works around our schedule.  We feel better having our pet groomed at our home instead of leaving her with someone unknown.  We recommend Alisa to pet owners everywhere we go! 

Thanks Alisa!
~Kerry & Michael  (and of course, Madison)

(update: Sadly, Madison has since left us but I still groom Kerry and Mikes boxer, Jack, as well as any fosters they many currently have.)
Dog-Gone Stylin' is vet reccomended by:

Berlin Twp Animal Clinic
151 Walker ave
West Berlin, NJ 08091

Clementon Animal Hospital
210 White Horse Pike
Clementon, NJ 08021

(Please feel free to submit a testimonial below, describing your experinces with Dog-Gone Stylin')

Alisa does an excellent job with our dog! Our lab looks great when she gets out of the van and she smells so much better! I love the convenience and our dog loves not having to go for a car ride. ~

Alisa, the owner, is the greatest! She is so nice and always works around my crazy schedule! My bulldog just loves her and he is always so clean and shiny after his weekly baths! Alisa's pricing is incredible too! The mobile grooming is the most convenient way to go! Yeah to Alisa!!! ~ Jennifer

We want to thank you for your visit yesterday. This was the first grooming Ellie May had since we found her that she wasn't stressed out afterwards and she looks the best yet too! ~ Gina&Jack
I would like to thank you for all the extra care you expended on Jessie. Calling your service was one of the best things that I ever did for him. You always took into consideration his handicaps and dislikes (he didn't like the blowdrier or anything else near his face). I always recommend your service. Much luck and success, love, your faithful customers ~ Gerri
You did an awesome job on our puppy Chelsy! Thanks so much for taking good care of her!

Preston and Steve on WMMR
My name is Beverly and I am writing this on behalf of my dog, Maizie.  We recently moved from NJ to SC.  Alisa at Dog-gone Stylin' has been Maizie's groomer and "doggie sitter" for several years.  As a matter of fact, she does not get groomed in SC, as I wait until we come up to NJ so she can get groomed by Alisa.  Not only is the service great, but Maizie loves her.  As soon as she sees her, she jumps on her and puts her paws around her neck for a big hug!!  Alisa also "doggie sits" for Maizie while we are traveling and when it is time to pick her up, Maizie goes back and forth between us, not knowing who she really wants to be with!!  At first I was jealous, but then I realized it is great that she loves her and it makes me know she is treated well when she is with her.  In closing I would like to say,  Maizie is the best groomed dog in South Carolina!!!!  Give Alisa a try, you won't be disappointed.
Hey Alisa,

I just want to say thank you so much for the work you did on Snuggles yesterday.  She is so beautiful.  I ran around all day taking pictures of her.  It was just amazing.  I actually feel like we’ve been a little neglectful with her now for not having this done sooner, but I always thought “grooming” was for “froo-froo” dogs.  I didn’t really know what you did could be/should be done with a dog like Snuggles.

I don’t know what you did or said to Snuggles about the bandana.  We kept it on her all day and she didn’t seem to mind at all.  I’ve tried putting bandanas on her before and immediately it was like “Ok get it off now”.

Thanks again very, very much!

Alisa is THE BEST!!!  I was lucky enough to find her about 
a year ago when I brought in a new foster dog - Buddy.  He had aggression issues, and ear infection, touch sensitive and smelled like her never came in contact with water - much less soap in the entire 4 years of his life!  Alisa had to wash him 4 maybe 5 times to get him clean.  He was so dirty that I think she drained all of the water out of her tank (and still had my other 5 to wash).  Buddy is happy to see Alisa when she comes.  Alisa is so patient and gentle with Buddy and takes the time to make sure he is comfortable before she starts washing him.  This is so important for Buddy because he does have fear aggression.
We have since added added our 7th shiba to the mix.  Thank Dog for Alisa because packing 7 dogs up to bring to a groomer could be an experience all by itself.  If you are looking for a groomer, Alisa is the girl!!!

--Jen Mauro, professional dog trainer (and of course Sheba, Sawyer, Sydney, Sofie, Tiki, Chopstix and Buddy)

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Dog Gone Stylin is a wonderful grooming service. I wouldn’t trust any other groomer with my two small dogs. Alisa is very gentle and kind with my dogs and they love her. The service is extremely convenient, flexible, and reliable. My dogs always look and smell great for days after they are groomed. I highly recommend Dog Gone Stylin. Thanks again for doing a great job on Gizmo and Buzz! ~ Gina
We have thee Pugs. In the past we have had to rangle all three in the car and take them to be groomed, this was a nightmare!! Not to mention they came home scared and out-of-sorts. We now use Dog-Gone-Stylin' every 4-6 weeks and Alisa does such a fabulous job with all three pugs, one of which has terrible skin allergies, and Alisa is always very aware of Penny's issues and takes special care her. Molly, Mandy and Penny are so comfortable with Alisa, they don't even bark when she comes in the house! (and we think she's pretty awsome too.) ~Christy and Bruce

Hi Alisa! We just wanted to thank you for always taking good care of our pom Nikki. You always took into consideration his physical condition and handled him with care.We know we could never replace him but in time we will definitly have you as his or her groomer. Thank you again for all the loving u gave him. ~Marianne and John

Thanks for the awsome job you did on Gizmo and Zoey last Sunday! I will def be using you all the time! Thanks again! ~ Danielle

Thank you for taking such great care of my little ones! They look so adorable! Every time i look at them i am amazed at how great they look! You are awesome!
Teddy so proud of his new haircut! He looks SO adorable!!!  Dog-Gone Stylin' did a Fantastic job!!! Thanks, Alisa!!