NuVet Plus is a long-term nutritional supplement that should be given to the companion pet daily. Testimonials and independent testing have indicated that using NuVet Plus™ will boost the immune system, thereby presenting a front line defense against the damaging effects of free radicals. Additionally, there are many reports of the remarkable improvements in the skin and coats of the animals using NuVet Plus™.

We offer a money-back guarantee if any customer is not happy with the results received from using NuVet Plus or NuJoint Plus.

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Use Order Code: 58405

Groomer Recomended!! I would never ever recomended something to my clients that I would not give to my own fur children. All of my cats are young (two are 5 and one is 8) and are on a high quailty food and are in good health. They have been on NuVet Plus for a little over 8 weeks now and there is a noticeable change! Their coats are definatley more shiney and they are more active. My long haired male has a decrease in hairballs. My outdoor cat now also has a beautiful shiney coat. She used to have trouble putting on weight but she's now at a healthly weight! I also have had many clients tell me and I have seen for myself how wonderful this product really is.

Why Strengthen Your Pet’s Immune System every day?

To Help Shield It From All This…

Backyard pesticides, fertilizers, bacteria, and
viruses that attack your pet’s immune system;
Dog Parks bacteria, viruses & toxins that dogs
bring in. Exposure to feces and urine that can
carry disease;

Carpet backing, which contains formaldehyde,
tuolene, benzene, xylene, styrene (Pregnant
women are warned to avoid new carpets; but
your pet buries his nose in it every day); also
toxins are brought in on everyone’s shoes
(pesticides, lawn fertilizer, bacteria, viruses);

Pet Foods, most contain hormones,
pesticides, meat by-products, preservatives,
grain and corn (major sources of allergies);

Household Toxins (floor cleaners, bug killers,
phthalates in air freshener, household mold);

Pet Treats loaded with sugars and fillers, they
promote diabetes and liver problems in pets;
Seasonal Problems (allergies, dry skin).
NuVet Plus

Heals & Protects your Pet From:

* Allergies
* Hot Spots
* Skin and Coat Problems
* Scratching, Itching, Biting
* Seizures
* Arthritis - Joint Problems
* Stress / Anxiety
* Premature Aging / Low Energy
* Diabetes - Liver Problems
* Cancer (many types)
* Cataracts * Tumors
* Cushing’s
Addison’s Disease
* Digestive Problems
* Tear Staining
* Urinary Incontinence
* Heart Disease
Safe /Natural /Water Soluble (easy on the stomach)

People are surprised at
how quickly and easily
this works!

GUARANTEED to eliminate your pet’s
ailment - or your money back!

throughout its life by strengthening its
immune system
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